School starts @ 7:55 A.M.

- please do not arrive before 7:45 

 Release time is 3:25 P.M.

Changes for the end of the day need to be made prior to 2:30

We have a new vending machine at VES! 

No soda or candy bars here - it vends books!! Students can earn a token/free book by reading and earning points. The kids are excited, and so are we!   We want our students to become lifelong readers, not just for the educational benefits. Did you know that reading not only improves your comprehension and vocabulary skills; it also enhances brain connectivity, reduces stress, lowers the blood pressure and heart rate, helps you sleep better, fights depression, and empowers you to empathize with others? Reading is POWERFUL!

I am so proud of our students - our new reading incentive is working! In fact, it is working so well that we need help keeping the machine full of great books for kids.   The first book was dropped from the machine on February 17th, and since that time, students have earned over 100 books!   You may be curious, how do they earn a free book?   Students read a book, take online comprehension tests and earn points. Each grade level has an established point goal, and when students reach it they get a token for the machine. They can choose a book, and it is theirs to keep.   

In addition to our reading incentive program, beginning next fall, we would like to be able to give every student a token for a birthday book. We currently recognize student birthdays (and un-birthdays for those with birthdays during vacations) on morning announcements. Students receive a "birthday bracelet," but wouldn't it be great if they could also get a BIRTHDAY BOOK?! 

If you would like to help Vale Elementary build a reading culture and foster a love for books and all of the beautiful gifts they give, here is how you can help! We have created an Amazon Wishlist with a list of titles that include student favorites, teachers' picks, and classics at reading levels appropriate for our students. Simply click on the photo of the vending machine, choose the title and number of books you would like to purchase, and complete the payment process. They will be shipped directly to Vale Elementary and placed in the vending machine for students. We will update the list frequently, so be sure and check back! If you just don't know which books to choose, you can donate funds, and Mrs. Sappe (our wonderful librarian) will order for you! 

Thank you in advance for participating in this exciting program. Follow our Facebook page for updates and photos - exciting things are happening here every day! 

Thank you to the family of Lee McBride for helping fill the machine the first time. Because of you and Lee, the joy of reading has already been shared with many students - so many more than we imagined!  -Theresa Meiwald 

All public school districts, private schools, and state sponsored charters are required to make Operational Blueprint(s) for all of their schools available on their website. Please check back for updates.

Mission Statement:  Vale School District is to support and empower students and staff through education.

Vision Statement:  Vale School District is to prepare students in a progressive educational system.

VES Motto:  Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow